Friday, June 08, 2012

"cryptocolea" & "plectocolea"

some kind of strange fungus, love
your lot, you and your precious
little crumbs, with a distinktive
fishy smell, dendroalsia,
calcareous hypnum, lawn week,
we need some yen, nothing left
but a bag of dirt, extremely
rare dirt, gemma, blackened
crappy funaria, tortula ruralis,
rubella, temnona, chiloscyphus,
polyanthos, cladopodiella,
coneheads, cryptocolea,
bourgeau, la coulotte peak,
geocalyx, gymnocolea,

we’re in transition, position of
knife edge, random plant material,
locoweed, groundsel, holodiscus,
didymodon, spirea, menyanthes,
corydalis, honeysuckle, wade
boggs, ochreleucas, nothing
but the stain of something,
cute little buttercup, globe
flower, gymnomitrion,
corallioides, harpanthus,
hygrobiella, herbertus,
jamesoniella, jungermannia,
hyalina, leiantha, plectocolea,

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