Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"psuedomonas" & "golden cake"

nechako, bentzi, senna, orient
your pen, chicka boom, i’m sorry
for skipping, ninety-five cents
a minute, pommel kanata,
leave the receipt behind,
visionary sees the potential of
blank, rather striking in the
large format, these artworks
should have been signed,
green tissue speckled with orange
juice, afmer, pseudomonas
aeruginosa, tigh ten, paper
towel art, fröjsta, this paper,

this should have been flattened
out, we had some sort of art
project in mind, it’s not too late
to act, press the trash, golden
cake, smooth it out, let’s try
one in the typewriter, something
that is written on, this is the
very card, somebody foisted
this text on us, this text needs
to be kerned, dismissing early,
one canned noel, il est fou,
this is going down on your
permanent record, le carndvat,

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