Sunday, June 24, 2012

"cyberschizophrenia" & "anti-episteme"

aum, bang words, eye bid, csl, this
text will remain unresolved,
beep’s stapler, zen sea, e-bid,
electronic document manipulation,
pine boxing match, this is a
handwritten document, i think
you’re supposed to write something
in the empty spot, victciv, how
can colour be empty, detatcheé
case, this text is devouring
itself, da, none copy zine, well
one thing we can say, loc eyg,
this paper started out blank,
d ro p, cyberschizophrenia,

sue press, mal lamp sand paper,
these are not particles, copylight,
place the text on the glass, daught,
it’s okay to close your eyes a bit,
piles a pile of rubble on the
scanner bed, if only we could
separate the, jelly sight, weege,
skindapsos, the day’s circle like
sharks, taxonometer, notice of
public, word has it, halfway
between an enn and an arr,
artical cluster, anti-episteme,
nympholeptic, videmon, here’s
a text for you to sign,

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