Saturday, June 16, 2012

"zenmax" & "minkx"

bleeding electricity, we could
live for a year on, zenmax,
a person with a hand, you sat
thru how many hours of, spending
your birthday in shackles,
happier loneliness, this is the
day after the art was removed,
die revolution sind wir, trance
pot, you know this is not the
day, five thousand pink tubes,
buddhist mystic, organ-grinder,
drop a coin into the cup, tube
with cap, the dutil-dumas
language, included in brackets,

wild minkx, this gritty dust is
getting ground in to all the art,
examing cross hell, postcunts,
mail arteries, where one entity
ends and the other begins,
hand exchanged cards, envelope
cutting hack, the hand that
did all this writing, the arc
of the artist, artists that
managed to plough thru,
artists that drove other people
crazy, was i supposed to sell
this, it’s an infinite step
process, maybe this is the one,

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