Friday, June 15, 2012

"nichinan-shi" & "anthelia"

we can’t have these exposed, no extra
digits to dial, an excellent skull,
musical reading, hannah addario-
berry, newsprint reality, gadarade,
if this is the concise i’d hate to
see the non-concise, there’s no point
opening anything, nichinan-shi,
calendar of nothing happening,
lunatic villas, sewage stuff,
sunyata, dress with rips, booth
five oh five, experiment on the
life of rubber bands, portage
la loche, nuphar lake, mount rae,
bazzania ambigua, bucegia,

july eighteen nineteen-fifty-five,
hellerianum, anastrophyllum,
saxicola, aneura, anthelia,
juratzkana, one of those things
that’s not like the other things,
arnellia, asterella, saccata,
athalamia, attenuata, barbata,
binsteadii, floerkei, kunzeana,
quadriloba, blasia,
integristipula, neesiana,
sphagnicola, suecica, kantia,
ambigua, azurea, catenulata,
cephalozia, lunulifolia,
macounii, pleniceps, byssacea,

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