Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"eggscon" & "connect the dot"

black is the one and only
colour, seeped through the page,
obliterating everything, this
is where the machine reduced
the image to, if i was writing
this today, slippery paper,
this little fold is the
give-away, eggscon, headbunt,
bentskin, ready for the paper
collector, toner permanency,
may cruddy, what do you
consider difference, black
penny, co-opted typewriting,

rubber popsicle factory, a
well worn five of hearts,
a mere two of diamonds,
live collage, a mere well worn
five of clubs, ploughing the
text, a well worn three of
spades, a mere two of spades,
oh plum, don’t lick this
page, no inventes con lo mio,
this ain’t ralph, connect the
dot, mini lick, c, paperclip
imp, wiki, we got the goo,

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