Friday, June 22, 2012

"flilfe" & "evola"

micromemory, we don’t really want
to be looking at text, bead dewing,
stigma zed, mike opener, n-gland,
forget all your internet passwords,
i’m the spreadin’ outer, are all
these whys trying to underline
something, writing on the mirror
table, we have always been
deteriorating, flilfe, logo
mantra, get these words into the
air, mada, it’s all the same day,
insert blank here, clamp sand,
karen idiom, meganormal, insert
dead air, zed with diacritical,

particle-ism, hangbelly, directional
dreaming, cleanix, shopworn zine,
pcoet, good luck with a capital
eff, who remembers ack-macks, a
logic bomb, zinespeak, i wanna
go bizzy, what phrase will you
settle on, buy nothing but the
bare necessities, evola, the tallest
and the blondest girl, the new
girl you, lilac syringe, egone,
suddenly rotate the paper,
reprezent, unbundle of joy,
indolent indoles, frob,

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