Sunday, June 03, 2012

"cephalollapalooza" & "wouivres"

pellucid nerve, i don’t think you’re
supposed to take that home, yew,
cephalollapalooza, break the bay,
chamaecyparis nootka, white fawn
lilies, include a little delight,
we could have done without
the hair, spending a moment with
the one you love, moss scraps,
let’s pretend we are scientists,
garry oak, aspiromitus, broom
rape, lophozia ink, degree of
mossiness, horth hill and
environs, houston mausoleum,

this is a structural component,
wouivres, letter chaos, worked it
out with a pencil, white experience,
white emptiness, you thot you saw
an opening in the text, what does
it matter who the author is,
now is a mystery, probably by
one of the likely writers, el egg,
a staple and an author’s name,
there are a lot of fun fonts, why
would you want all these logos,
waste matrix, you can’t judge a
text by its writer, waiting for
death, love seeketh not itself,

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