Thursday, June 21, 2012

"agra" & "justified margin concrete"

trance moss, slimtrim, we had
to make a few errors along the
way, just jump in with a blast
of language, rotating fan,
identical covers but different
contents, identical covers and
identical contents, agra, we
have always been deteriorating,
this is before we had search
engines, moments it is possible to
bring to life, file not found,
one sus, carcharodon cacharias,
ink and descent, been known to
throw a fork or two, har har,

burn the significant moment into,
funny shit, you need to kick the
text apart, one is between bodies,
this text has been going on for
ten years now, the moment you
learned how to read the image,
your hand keeps changing,
justified margin concrete, we
could do something with all
these texts, we wouldn’t inclue,
before we took the phrase, this
still needs to be sorted, is that
where that guy had the alr,
did you know you were going,

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