Thursday, June 07, 2012

"nowellia" & "callicladium"

candyflower, salers, pseudo-
leskeella, lophocolea, this ain’t
no campylium, nardia, atrichum,
circumboreal ptilidium, latin
word meaning rice-like, lop ibo,
anomodon viticulosus, geocalyx
graveolens, frullania eborascensis,
the toner gets stuck together,
one boulder, anomodon rostratus,
butternut, blood root, nowellia,
curvifolia, platydictya, cee dot
eff arr, frullania what,
rhodobryum, green turns to
brown, evidence of joy,

lophocolea bidentata, this
information is routinely and
publicly released, adianthoides,
this information is protected
until such time as the project
is approved, thuidium
delicatulum, dicranum montanum,
boulder scrapings, heterophylla,
golden threads of moss, we need
a dissecting scope, white pine,
poolby, callicladium, things
we used to do together,
bill tilt, lindbergia,

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