Monday, June 18, 2012

"barbilophozia" & "rafflesia"

ellis hollow creek, get a grip on
barbilophozia, as long as the elastic
holds up you can treat them as
a deck, dot db format, hammer
your way back thru the wall of
ignorance, write your name in your
neatest printing, everyone who gets
to know you hates you, the copies
have a way of depleting, bucegia
romanica, grimmia schubartiana,
hand-printed botanical labels,
valleybrook drive, an address
fetish, blank yellow film,
scramble for work, ministry
of chairs, crack off the elastic,

i like to write with my eyes closed,
not sure why these elastics have
lasted ten years, by the time the
love took it was too late, stack-
o-lee, tool to remove spikes,
mussette bag, sloth is the one
you always forget, graduand,
noli-me-tangere, care of daddy,
lophozia sudetica, how to read
these cards, it will be a pile of
rubble by the time you see it
again, temnona, the bizarre
parasitic rafflesia, the
beautiful thing is gone,

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