Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"hommage" & "medoths"

your name was not on the poster,
how did it come about that you
still have the text in your
possession, something you
memorized when you were a kid,
you don’t get it do you, wouldn’t
it be easier to zip down to the
copy shop, tulip honey, let’s set
up a bit of to and fro, canary
english, in and out of sunnyside,
still hommage, not sure why you
felt it necessary to cut, the
good stuff is always already
gone, we only wrestle with giants,

i destroyed the art for a good
cause, your one big moment at
the top, where were you in eighty-
eight, the original that went on
to be copied numerous times,
dayglo on dayglo, now this little
gift is a sore spot, keep the dust
from getting too thick on the
art, yes illegible, let the little
things mean big, medoths, the
name is the same but is the
individual, individual mote
of dust, the original fire,
since when is pain nothing,

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