Saturday, June 09, 2012

"vindolanda" & "urra moor"

frullania rocks, french bar, leg
you me, vindolanda, warwick,
fourpenny, wheatsheaf, golden
fleece, surface of concrete,
vallhorna, along hadrian’s
wall, cottage rock fence steel
rigg, langwathby, cross the
cross, kapok, sporophyte, it
looked different to me,
writing from the castle,
jungermannia, solenostoma,
rakestraw, lophocolea, nees
lophozia alpestris, ascendens,

determining nothing, porella,
little cardboard bracelet, spiral
aspire, black poppy, bryum, you
won’t be getting up on the roof
anymore, terraces twisty, vajra,
making the trance, if there
was some way to communicate
with you, urra moor, a
marshman’s home, cassiope,
how hill, out on the broads,
reeth, these two i can’t
remember, johnny’s wood,

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