Friday, June 29, 2012

"azozazo" & "vixpo"

oil cluster, upconverting,
decided against working,
skinflutes, nine thousand hours
of shit, pre-amp clipping,
aoxomoxoa, went to jail on
lsd-related charges, the
medicine ball caravan,
solétude, dolma sarma,
kadin budu, azozazo, if
you had that moment today,

are you really impressed by
this computer stuff, wall of
data, this stuff is just detritus,
this is the shit itself,
nothing makes all the difference
in the world, post ink, i thot
you were a lunatic from the
moment i met you, lest it
be lost lets, and then at the
last minute slap in another
text, reap word, vixpo, nif,
a love supreme, better art
without the name, listwork,

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