Monday, June 04, 2012

"brihadâranyaka" & "synalepha"

the aim of all life is more life,
brihadâranyaka, once the condition
of life has been attained,
pterygoid, glas barb, a long high,
rub out the word, can’t really see
your face in your face, cutie
patootie, the love of your life,
nothing is burning, just find
yourself a position and hang,
glorious moment, all the heat
of that moment, you only get to
live thud, your pictures go your
way, i’m only counting eight,
some crazy expression of love,

what world are you trying to
enter, why is the title hand written,
finding bliss in the abyss, bone om,
chiastolitic, synalepha, good
natured ribbing, a streak of
colour, h street, patholinguistics,
a medam, from the bone on out,
a thousand copies: a thousand
thank yous, pseudozines, milk
flow, there’s strings alright
but they are not attached,

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