Monday, June 11, 2012

"julleville" & "wanko bango ranto"

each moment in time has dollar
signs attached, sickeningly happy,
flog yourself, silver bullets,
we are moving back thru time,
a burning candle, a fragment of
joy, errata art, julleville, a
fragment of delight, once upon
a mattress, and the pea, who
were the three of us, bedaux,
the tea talking, you actually
have a book out of the library,
duplicopy, you need some cash
all of a sudden, we just jumped
back two years, can’t get money,

on the corner of burrard and
nelson, suede police, if paper
could speak, zo, don’t cut too
close to the perforations,
büsker dü, you can’t access your
funds, productivity drugs,
wanko bango ranto, the princess
and the pea, this little image
represents the vagina, who can
afford art today, a drawing
done by an infant, art will
work out, there are other ways
to travel, auguries of
experience, throw yourself,

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