Monday, January 19, 2009


eyelets, brun noir, tana, the diff
between blank and void, bid set,
lace or laces, errand boy, knock
off early, one special person, the
zero income flatlands, do i look
like a human being to you, you
got the wrong guy, learner,
somebody had to make the guess,
rurban, captain copyright, gene
trip, topical eutectic mixture,
prilocaine, dapoxetine, pegging,
ggg, automated weapons, omega
threes, virtual fence, sensate
focus, spectatoring, herbifluous,
rusts away in moss, dholak,
shoyu, fine glutton, everywhere
was confusion and hitting,
psia krew, topers old hats, gypsy
shoelaces, the details killed
everybody, slivovitz, illegal
labor, the toilet queen, blue hat
stood, concrete building, molim,
sandbag concrete, bread seekers,
to bih, eosin, cover of the
happiness everyone,

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