Sunday, June 15, 2014


autosomal dominant compelling
helio-ophthalmic outburst,
assbook, the energy of lunatics,
orkut, still sucking at the
textual teat, fangsgiving,
i am still in the present tense
but, imagine that no hat, nelms,
glassworks, still tho for the
colour, ti, let’s buy something
different for a change,
cluster of chicken carcasses,
unconsumable avatars, to
hypnotize its enemies and to
corrupt, the diegesis, the god
trick, wetware designers,
sentic, the art of self-control,
a sunday historian, sun
sneezer, levamisole, worm
hotel, overcapacity or slack,
tea party movement, the nine
twelve rally, ketsana or
ondoy, seven thousand one
hundred and seven pacific
islands, euroskeptics, digi-novels,
vooks, conservapedia, beth
ditto, disposaphobia, photic
sneezing reflex, identity
construction menu, ross
priddle is a goof,
garamond ten point,

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