Friday, June 06, 2014


the arms of canada, m-k-t,
the beautiful business, nur,
this deteriorated font, glog,
devu, business and the arts,
art loop, you don’t strike me
as curious, bed raggled, iyi
geceler, sanada, gouging away
at the paper, timeshifting,
placeshifting, nasılsın,
merhaba, art’s pace, santorum,
penny sniffer, b-girl, cloy lock,
forgot to speak, orange bananas,
loose ends of coinage, you lost
a letter there, barfcode,
may-ching, people who still
use typewriters, envelope
ascending, i was having a slow
food movement, life-review
versus story-telling
reminiscence, privative,
the limit experience,
dépense, the medical gaze,
the decolonization of minds,
the order to speak, droit de
cité, l’indépassable horizon,
agrégation, normaliens, all
his life he verged on
madness, shart, concrete
crevices, staghorn moss,
concrete pouring,
recouncielable, asel art,

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