Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"kernular poems"

a terrine for making pâté, maybe
you wanna take the chance of
investing a bit more money, one
suspects there’s something of a
trick involved, why is this off
kilter then, watching pennies,
forgotten my hat, sims, banavas,
cybc, fake satanist, holonic
dimension, drama mine, chido
guey, these colourful blobs
represent brains, kernular
poems, crucial definitional
feature, kigo, empirical
objectivity, concrete details,
normaliens, liste restreinte,
radiodiffusion, turbo-profs,
the special nature of the
proposed individual, liste
large, and his no less
influential wife, époque
oblige, capital gee dash dee,
metatext, helen gonago,
i remember the telephone
book, consonant cluster,
by the fence they lost a
penny, is that an also known
as, thisthis isis notnot anan
errorerror, faiblesse,

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