Tuesday, June 24, 2014


cluster of coins, a three-for-all,
highheels in the sand, everybody
is always already taken,
one is untaken, flux of pink
indians, what need is saying,
rose pilcher, moss galore!,
the sexual contract, art is not
for consuming: art if for
making, surveillance?! that’s
no way to treat a lady!,
i hate to say it but: i’d be
doin’ you a favour, it says
chicken but it means pigmeat,
town without toothache,
planetemples, castile hillel
emmanuel, constructive-selfish,
an enormous house with
columns, the nerve that guy
with the hat!, a day without
you is like a day without a
hurricane, glucosamine
chondroitin, frottage
paintings, the november oh
nine issue of glamour,
revolving da vinci building,
nonrequired reading, ultra-
darwinian atheists, data
liberation front, haida
manga, chessboxing, various
minds, cluster of meeting,

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