Sunday, June 29, 2014


artists we are, cagatintas,
chále ése, countertrial,
revolutionisation, the world
cannot be turned upside down
without breaking eggs, the
legitimate hatred of the people
directed at the lawyer as a
characteristic class enemy,
mimeographed newspaper,
radioscope, an ambush in the
jungle of information,
movements of delinquents,
véridiction, alphabetical love,
the prison window players,
after whom it is impossible
to think as before, quemoy
sabe, destabilizing hegemonic
binaries, a collaborative
community novel, glossophobia,
psytrance, how many times do
i have to tell you, cluster
of milk, weezer, busy being
left alone, let’s try all
these fonts at ten point,
the best is yet to come, well
it’s wrote but it’s not
rote, how do you say this: • ,
toss the colour ink, all i
did was pull a switcheroo,

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