Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"anaconda densheath"

artwork domestication procedure,
when is a tree not a tree,
what’s your angle, how are you
moving such, this entire work
is entitled phrasebook, phidia,
porkpie hat flocking, life
extension or the destruction
of death itself, merry death,
bb nih, global cluster, dash
snow, anaconda densheath,
the web is down, abc no rio,
how old do you think this
person is, brilliant old lady,
i see berries, i wouldn’t call
that crayon, lo, art that
looks good enuf to eat, you
can’t tell if the artist was
ten or ninety, makes the
retards look good, at the
age of, senegalese soup,
baked in vermont, mail
this!, depends on what you
got in the hole, kids are
better artists than big
dead adults, more or less
digital, hanuman alaya,
we don’t need your blood
money, guitarsplat, ipta,
you were hoping for an
original, great we’re
under way weigh,

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