Tuesday, June 10, 2014


home taping is killing music,
bottle collector or recycle pick-up
biz, draining pens of ink,
brainstorming your life away,
addicted to nothing, go find
the book and form your own
judgments, moxa, ever coming to
a halt, the ego’s blind spot,
text in clusters, dream
music young, meiotic, hamam,
the copyright industries, drm,
dmca, digital locks, the value
of concrete, book without
alibis, we made it thru to
here, sprungbooks, fcbs, we
already examined this text
dozens of times, sweethearts
all over the world, your
boss suddenly realizes that
you’re crazy, the paper chaw,
hyperart, let’s see how it all
comes out, doing graffiti
is publishing, various
machines for getting words
down, make sure you don’t
miss a word, it’s because
you’re looking at a copy
idiot, who’s dis, just twitch
your shoulder up, one was
able to work, placette,
coulda done coulda done
didn’t, hits of what,

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