Monday, June 02, 2014

"the hayflick limit"

under the sign of the almighty,
acid wear?, alter libido,
windlight effects, a slow-rez
day, make plans make plans
make plans, tactical media,
the identity context, neoneoism,
the nodal construct, fat on
little rabbits, the magic pack,
docu-fantasia, the hayflick
limit?, poempark, caīman, in a
g.a.r. uniform, we pitched in
for the photo op, you don’t even
remember the name of your
favourite author, living in
a biosphere, the postmark
oracle, art speaks louder
than words, blunt force head
trauma, the wolf is not
exactly the fittest for
survival, free postcard
postage included, what a
wit, possibilities unfulfilled,
a tiny little division of
a multinational, doubtless
killers, sorry about choice
of words, what strikes you
about your life, take the
plunge you fool, de-link-
went, heavenly people depot,
one wants to get cut,

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