Thursday, June 26, 2014


you and your fucking writing,
cuncoctions, semework, bluework,
blow the dust off your shakespeare,
sumi, keep your eye on mottson,
she’s worried she might have
hypochondria, seroxat, coming to
see you in the flesh, off on a
meat tangent, i put an asterisk
beside your name, select face,
orange kleenex, don’t bug me
about the rent, way-geez,
stati, sixty-nine-sixty-nine,
clockword orange orange, snot
of joy, a little joke is not a
piece of art is it, detritus art,
printing poetry is like printing
money, ice horse, tax-exempt
lunatic, mental cleanliness,
writing the history of the
present, nose around in police
files, eye of power, the torture
at damiens, engagents of haiku
a cdf, concrete haiku, the
battle river, ableptical,
approaching prairie, ontario
literature, i’m gonna let you
pass but, i just want to say
eyes, eyes in the gutter,
esex, egologist, this text is
in havoc, oh yeah i was gonna
say nothing, swath or swathe,

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