Monday, June 23, 2014


boo!, bull glass, skull luck,
typewriter key font, dat? or one
of dem?, artopia, one is not
hoping for publication,
pierogi, b’klyn, toner meat,
this looks like my teasel,
letter string tangle, thee
dimensional, bit of paper just
made for the printing of tiny
poems, schiz-fluxers, anarcho-
primitivism, green anarchy,
superflag that message, if
you pay cash you get a bit
of blank, bariatric, klonopin,
this phrase does nothing for
me, audiotube, sati, para
yok, a homeless romantic,
do you realize how much we’ve
been spending, get your own
paid stamp, where’d all the
colour go, gross amount,
looks a lot like uh, bucket
shop, haircloth, personalism,
appellation mal controlée,
what to day is, analytical
reason, information theory,
man’s dissolution, cricold,
fucine mute, tonka beans,
tetrax, the word industry,
a certain notorious map,

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