Saturday, June 07, 2014


one hundred maroquinerie,
looks like they managed to
jack the resolution up, nothing
nice, to form a more perfect
union, collection of sayings,
analog synthesizer, a local
handle, bataillean yoga,
the crown prince of nothing,
living under los vegas, not
followers so much as
interested parties, a nice
clean impression, the fire
this time, retweeted, chat
jammer, esprit de corpse,
that’s a lot of money to
spend on stamps, keep the
art down below the line,
a warehouse full of
umbrellas, skeered, is it
this hat, et ego in arcadia,
ricklick, slow art, a creepy
letter, various fields of
reality, erudite and heavy
considerations, the greatest
outdoor show on earth,
apian flu, orange flippers,
no sex for nazis, truvada,
designed for strategic
mass consumption, the fear
of feminization,
nostalgia for the breast,
lightness of being,

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