Saturday, June 14, 2014


maynards bassetts, all sorts of
clusters, i’m a welterweight,
weepage, drawritten, upend
all, paper only!, authorship’s
a burden, green poo, pussyfooting,
ice sparks, the chunk point,
hyperembodiment, conceptual
culling, cluster of exes,
it’s time!, carcass cluster,
the box has potential, every
time you tell me to relax
you wind me up tighter,
archaeology of the text,
philosophical anthropology,
dynamiting beaver dams,
city of sighs, an armed-to-the-
teeth multinational monster
of exchange, obsessive hoarding,
one hundred tons of junk,
eternally current dateless
newspaper, the splitting concrete,
came empty handed, florilegia,
working in typos to give the
impression of spontaneity,
narrative criticism, salle
des miroirs, worked for a
while as a hat-passer,
lightbelly, my penny pal,
scratch time, the money
that is flowing, ten pt.,

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