Wednesday, June 04, 2014


fucking around with the originals,
do you have a hologram handy,
insix, chanhan, uptick, what exactly
are you speechless about,
belladonna conference, you
told me to get off at the
wrong station, a rare event
death, shawnee cluster, the
cops show up and demand your
ticket, blarney cheese, one
remembers having these thoughts
ten years ago, app art, you are
not getting these into the
hands of, one prefers one’s
art a little weatherbeaten,
jean, social memory,
lifelong repetition, orthrelm,
crom-tech, octis, engagent,
manywhere-at-once, bluegum,
rinktum, numbat, cluster
of bipeds, sticky memo sheets,
thrip, chuch, chuckwallas,
a whole pile of french
male names,

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