Saturday, June 28, 2014


yoko tsuno, the electric tiger,
don luigi sturzo, gar anzia,
spinnah, ibidem libido, cecami,
puttini, this is my space,
murnau, we can’t read it from
here but we know what it says,
cut-up or die, pax vobiscum,
anti-futurist, smogophone,
bzzzoing!, producing
unconsumables, drone zone,
whatever it takes to move
units, skandalon, tempest
storm, halfway house for
bored housewives, trickfilme,
working hard for pennies,
deathism, jeremy mcleod’s
pseudonyms, a moon dot, penny
cuff, spurk, hand to hand we
touched, cluster of ulcers,
war against all, methexis,
anti-mimesis, mimetic
rivalry, hegemony of vision,
mousike, eidos, caray, ay se va,
compinche, ay muere, ex luce
ad sanitatem, zomoskepsis,
tubal abuse, tubefreaks,
medicolegal, healing
machines, the total
intellectual versus the
specific intellectual, to
totalize struggles,

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