Friday, June 20, 2014


the colour called lettuce
alone, how people are, zerzan
sheared, paper is flesh, no
rifle, postinterface, superflag
that message, prideaux,
shifting to a cash economy,
happiness is a warm, she was
massaging my head, butter
cluster, a primeval experience
of madness, projection,
concrete space, stand-ins for
the police, concrete aid,
hyper-marxization, involved
in concrete, hesitation waltz,
philological sciences,
mickey fou, never ending tour,
shixa, a pamphlet press, a
philosophy of mania, prairie
flicker, erotic capitalism,
buddhist gorean, steuben
oxbridge, you never even
google yourself anymore,
big comma, we are only
borrowing this text, trying
to find a place to work,
tell me about this map,

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