Wednesday, June 18, 2014


chennai, sarvatra, metrosexual,
andhra pradesh, raag, was found
in this condition in the
mailstream, a violent little
piece of art, bet you never
thot this would come back to
haunt you, individuals with
enhanced abilities to confer
benefits, precision stamp
placement, we just need to
adjust your money a little
okay?, i don’t quite get your
logo, schiester culture, do
you have anything in the
budget for love?, when last
seen, i don’t pay her to have
sex with me: i pay her to go
away after, scarlet billows,
starts to spread, no cake for
pains, a zine called pretext,
get up the apples and pears,
the word ‘islamofascist’,
prairie corollas, and the angry
inch, or the angry itch, diet
fluctuations, twenty-three
percent, what happened to the
old boy, this is the stupidest
improvement yet, sacque,
crude and hopeless efforts,
assignation houses, savoirs
investis, concrete example,

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