Thursday, June 05, 2014


cyberwar, chat junky, never resent
intrusions, the snailgroove,
macropinna microstoma, flat-
based neuronic converters,
tamam, snailworld, a touch of
gin, came to nine nine nine,
save sixty-nine, free up your
time for the things that matter,
la sarrekerge, kindly remit,
small birthmark, feces-
generating art project,
pancreatine, false shit,
buttpuppets, nothing coming,
crunk, phobic desire, deixis,
bad object, the deject, the
days of beautiful stamps
are over, you are not a
writer, redd, nanoparticulate
siloxane polymer, santorum,
cryostasis, in flagranti,
dirty penny, garbologist,
punctilio, upsettling,
blank galore, feel free to
stretch, gazing blankly at
the fish, double nothing,
twenty-six dollars worth
of stamps, original art
tossed to the wind, abad,
i refuse to even look at
blogs, mere marks, profound
marks, with an eye to,

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