Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"bada shansen"

hor semen four, she alone knows
the penalty, who was reverof zrem,
is there no information to go
with this information, blab
this up a little will ya,
ekleksographia, bada shansen,
concho and revere, red pearl
vine, pier and beam foundation,
truffles zerzan, rivere, vivere,
solo-biennial, working with a
twenty-two month process,
one is looking for a perfect
prison, without participants
my work is incomplete,
academy of the skull, fairy
cool, drop a big deposit, gbm,
there’s no limit to what i
can pay, my theory is that
vineland was not even
written by pynchon,
the history of the eye,
tel quel means, i was a dad
that refused to say no,
structural history, the
living night is dissipated
in the brightness of death,
the anatomo-clinical
method, knowledge of the
individual, demonbynes,

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