Sunday, June 22, 2014

"linum usitatissimum"

six hundred year university,
creative memories, mention
menschen, ploughed back into
the field, made in arnhem,
linum usitatissimum, flyer-
cut-up-poetry, long night of
museums, this phrase is made
for you, recycling the
alphabet, op uitnodiging,
fcup, chuck trade, baffle-
fish, abad, something masker,
autumn? we go straight to
winter, busy being attacked
by sharks, jco, one prefers
the russian text, golden
moment, trance rights, canopic,
slavatar, vewp, boc, moon-
smashing mission, blip,
related ephemera, newp post,
live rabbit hat, cyberdally,
teledalliance, i don’t know
what bike refers to, miss
vickles chips, cluster of
meat, concrete medium,
purest ray serene, overman,
the analysis of wealth,
countersciences, the cry,
language reduced to
powder, man is a recent

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