Saturday, June 21, 2014


zoot, maple death, semi-figurative,
ecofinance, socio-ambient responsibility,
meat hooks, yink and yank, unrelated
links, panini, citizen of cardboard,
you are always being judged,
science fiction seems so old-
fashioned, everyone’s in favour
of theivery, thievery sorry,
how many copies of this are
you chunking out, abc equals,
one needs to be nagged,
carbonmade, is there more
than one jesse ferguson,
prison industrial complex,
anarchist black cross, if you’re
planning to get into trouble,
deep integration, a real
magazine you know, a little
insectuous, sunrise greetings
a subsidiary of, you don’t
need alcohol to go wild,
tom waits for no man,
datafinger, goat cheese de
alp, money is just another
form of information,
since when are fortune
cookies gender specific,
breast fillet bullshit,
boston baked beans candy,
eighty-seven eighty-seven,
above or below the line,

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