Thursday, June 19, 2014


google is omniscient , one is
a perfect fool, lonerisms,
birthday as institutionalized
happiness, the institute a new
rule institute, gustavus
corpse flower, tanti auguri,
single and staying single, bebe,
cluster of ka-ching!, let’s
look at the same situation
thru various minds, the active
ultra-left, the co-opting core,
red bastion, uptok, matrixyl,
throwing rocks at the police,
an engaged philosopher, what
does it matter who speaks,
structures do not take to
the streets, what you long for
as revolutionaries is a master:
you will get one, goettingen,
per ham, an ad rev, ri, mermaid
syndrome, sirenomelia, the
typing business, we need to
pinpoint the precise date on
these texts, the one who outlasts,
unit of loners, the theory of
the zoot suit, 

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