Monday, June 16, 2014

"theoric ornithic hermetica"

prossima apertura, collaudato,
one one amp, don’t point your
penis at me, sand island alabama,
can i get the breakdown on this
gouge, where the hell are you
gonna get that kind of money,
getting my dizzy on, spell
piranha, going busy, acidmod-
sixtyfour, paid in fool, cluster
of grease stains, suddenly one
day we tore it down, it’s all
about taking ink, long english,
substitute an x for the ess,
pocketworn bit of paper, brain
like mushroom cloud, a
requestzine, theoric ornithic
hermetica, fucked up bores,
cuiser, chroof, metaphorised,
overimprisoned, casseurs,
common-law prisoners, the will
to truth, logophobia, the
philosophy of action, énoncés,
history except contemporary,
nothing is intolerable,
reference letters supreme,
fiero, cheese jobber, noank,
vadara, segno, collected
dross, ray-vibes, rubbin
nubbins, for the record:
i don’t intend to correct
the record, paisley beebe,

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