Friday, June 27, 2014


the avant-garde product, poet’s
math, social not working, tribal
humour, hunger is power, la
heatraot, seppukoo, foodwise,
vbm cluster, déjà vu anticipation
charisma, producing unconsumables,
elephant causes highway, turn
the insult to your advantage,
the bookmark is made from fine
paper, what does the hand
signify, what colour is your
parachute, ain’t got no parachute,
who rips up bookmarks and places
them back into books, ecrivisses,
twenty-penny nails, technowave,
tule, grudge run, one is not
ruled, abajo fascismo,
horizon indepassable, court
of ass sizes, an armored van,
a delinquent milieu, psycho-
analism, foramen, talk normal,
githead, hanson’s disease, col,
kabiri, cumpohlstery english
here, hyperape, the politics of
water, cochabamba, the
narmada river, alternative
history, crespice, nag champa
versus nag hamadi, these
are not dees, maintain
contact with the best,
blank thrills, fill phil,

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