Monday, June 09, 2014


skulls galore, doom galore,
bang galore, gender ordeal,
lojack, a dollar a song, purple
file folders, splashed with
violet ink, consonant clusters,
complete cluster, bootleg
poetry, some gorean thing,
let the professors figure it
out, scratchgently, the money
is in the card, the landlord
is getting impatient, paper
that has been sweated on,
happy colours exoskeleton,
not the the castle, genetic
metaphysics, vertical and
horizontal fiscal imbalances,
contact narrative, zine worker,
borrows excessively, energy
texas, a postmark and a stamp,
it’s the personal touch that
does it, is this your own mark,
do a whole river, a computer
obviously had a hand in,
what was wrong with my
canada, eat mail art mike
dee, a little bit of fun,
can we zoom out a bit, i
know who this came from,
zenuine, poor old ray, you
see what’s happening there
in that flower,

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