Tuesday, June 17, 2014


a swath of hundred dollar bills,
deny death, maple sugar, white sage,
buffalo sage, medicine bag,
somebody is running a very tight
ship, you put that on your carpet?,
the publication is holding up well,
you couldn’t really find the
connection, mail as mail, egg vice,
abolish police records, a model
prison, the prison produces
delinquency and establishes
it as the destiny of people who
once have spent time behind
bars, a counterinvestigation,
constant availability, the
best way to serve the age is
to betray it, total recall
for old tunes, chrometta
twelve, brimbody, hunc xab,
zalphabet, visio-mathematical
poetry, van gogh on love, whami
language, yo tengo,
doorschijnenc, ram led, net
book, permaban, colorform,
vulvar bicycle taxi, man
up, picking up cheese with your
tongue, prething, bombthumbs,
homebums, drunk-talkin’,
long tall cluster, the anti-lsd,
selfyeast, canadian bank note,

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