Sunday, June 01, 2014


please don’t call me mister,
you got your money in long term
storage, foresterie, your other
rent, tyme, lion in mouse costume,
cross-promo, beaver skull memento
mori, there’s only one in town,
existential analysis, être-là,
evulsion, concrete man, the
concept of specularity,
phenomenological psychiatry,
existential analysis,
philosophical anthropology,
stagiaire, prison schools,
the printing press at melun,
groupe folklorique, a
nietzschean communist,
nietzscheism, unimpatient,
a man in a stained hat with
a pipe stuck in the band, a
man in a straw hat without
any crown, babyshit, cloc,
the fat chance gallery,
we can’t get any work done
because we have some malware
on the comp, the top bit is
all garbage, it will be a
little light but it will
do, eighteen seventy-three,
who wants to get cut,
fucking computer!,

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