Sunday, June 08, 2014


esprit de corpse, caskaduanta,
mixed reality, death vacation,
hostile retirement, kit carson,
fist-bump, low res artists,
danzig misfits, spicy q,
bubble cluster mail,
excesspool, a quick return to
file, calligraphy with words
crossed out, you’re going to
have to draw the line,
flowers galore, get rid of
those unsightly folds,
fuck machinery, concrete
ways, sexuanate, touski,
this ain’t me, what were we
talking about, obsolete shit,
soundshit, put the book
somewhere you will remember
to read it, replicable,
how hard can it be to fold
a piece of paper, do you
see your way, which address
is correct, pussycentric,
sati, homotextual,
alternative scriptings,
queering, a ubiquitous
citation, theory-speak,
poco-queer, fraught
dynamics, bumiputeras,
cultural decolonization
and abrogation, sectional

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