Friday, June 13, 2014


hassan sabbah, support mental
health, we need to be able to
get at this money at the drop
of a hat, you are a member
of the group of, well i got my
fuckin fill, they do rule the
word, i don’t know if i’m going
to be taking in any more
literature, two oranges and
a banana, atm: at the moment,
chacha pennies, mislistening,
triggers and catchings, oh i
got my fill alright, one is
afraid of running out of ink,
pens cluster, chilblains, non
fui sum fui non sum,
professor wiebe, oversubtlety,
original violence, nonpreface,
ultrarepression, the dialectics
of liberation, sector-based
struggles, sector politics,
third psychiatric revolution,
psychiatricide, epigones,
audients, deicing, electronic
art, the demise of books in
canada, exact time: eight
forty-nine am, leave it
at eight and a half by
eleven, font, can’t just
straighten, draft exed out,

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