Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"I YELL BECAUSE I CARE" (title from Clint Burnham)

you may visit reality again, we
used to have others, why is this
copy being considered an original,
the situation was always already
broken, not knowing where you
all are, when you were here with
me, proximity and non-proximity,
just before the move, your little
crime, this is in the new house
already, which brazil is which,
bounce it off in a completely
different direction, tentative
existence, keep tap, busy being
yelling, what are you monsters
doing down there, we do not talk
to monsters, you’re happy when you
are asleep, what are you cooking,
we, can i say we, are you a genuine
identity, stay in the same place
for twenty years, a very early
instance, eye see no reason,
this goes in the misc file, also
misk, misk, nat bo cap, astval,
this goes in the copies file,
the situation saint, txt nada,
inhabit your mind, orval
plue, cast your mind in iron,
the original moment, this is
not even misc, denotate the
feces, wasted reality, what
makes it more than a copy,
destroy all bits, whole-size,

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