Monday, January 05, 2009


what does blogging mean, \ , repent
simultanement, the crown of the
orange, petal weapons, pusser
manhood, orange dust, meddle
eye, poietes, the vocab lab, insanity
clause, her cunt is a lethal
weapon, matthew seven: one to six,
the blank concrete, cluster of
neon, pewter is just glorified
tin, a red paper mill, law-hand,
waste paper bought, engrossing: ,
nom de crayon, copying to
execute, all’s fish that comes
to my net, copies from memory,
a law-writer, heterotopian
transgression, the withdrawal
of love, the mystic writing pad,
object choice versus identification,
the fort-da game, cathexes,
identity confusions, borderline
disorders, microsociety,
microcultures, diegesis, pda,
chpater, commodity exchange
and the human, community-
bonding gift practices, p , sperm
and eggs, d├ęchets, just another
night, d-dee, over and above
time, local mail, blank orange,
remaining legible thru thick
and thin,

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