Wednesday, January 07, 2009

fish a haiku out of this

weat, four of diamonds, receipt of
nothing, the intensity of you, mister
puddle, let’s try four thousand,
anarchy today at four, am use meant,
opt for nothing, haul the typewriter
over, fish a haiku out of this,
now that we have done that with
the text let’s do this, i don’t feel
completely deteriorated, how do
you stay so uncontaminated, axept
nothing, i feel like a fly, let
your other hand take over, concrete
pusher, aquilia nothing, lax squib,
not a pretty copy, what do you
think of me now, make it handy,
from bones to stones, cut your
love to pieces, you three, the
thing itself remains completely
unmarked, a pattern of chaos,
why the reduplication, elaborate
on labor, hotlink, lax squid, you
size, you now, you aquilia, nine
pusher, some concrete, someone
spies, endless again, you territory,
i glands, your anyway, the alw,
living axept, twenty eye, broccoli
exasperation, the one who stays
free and clear, indicate original,
techno-economics, dogskin caps,
autarky, rerror, perioeci, shock
worker, hopliteness, feeler-taps,
happy conditions envisaged,
a quota-overfulfiller,

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