Saturday, January 10, 2009

eating a banana is imperialism

what is gone in the going, i’m getting
so weary, october yesterday, mere
insanity, bold address, not the
pinky on your hand, the last envelope,
eight dollars and ninety-four cents
worth of communication, here’s some-
thing to memorize, eureka we got
thru, better check identity, sakura
means, it’s a duplicate to you,
ahaha, priddle-sama, the only
difference is none, yoyogi, make
more trips, get work, cupping reality,
voids convivial handtray intubation,
hyper-referential, degentrification,
habitable concrete, built space,
forced thots, transnational
grinder culture, the nothing
anthology, literature workers,
good dad bad dad diplomacy,
eating a banana is imperialism,
governmentality, language
orange, glocal, manufacture a
life, affinity markets, bounce
once bounce twice, judged and
found, process-based logic, the
value of nothing, his enthusiastic
communications, mistoco, life-art,
the recluse of utopia parkway,
art surrogate, a hebraic
quaker hat, ipana toothpaste,
a master of the throwaway
gesture, the merzmeister,
fluxartist, cosimot, don’t get
caught with your mouth open, the
fire before the fire went out,
unsightly reality, do you
recognize this day, moments
before the collapse,

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