Monday, January 05, 2009

we idolize nothing

is this political, the politics of
toner, new weirdness, staples are for
pulling, what are you up to in full
colour, wait we have not read this
yet, lay down in the grime, lust
shop, casein is, spit abyss, please
note: original art, coneheads
unite, go it in the woods, kayak
kayak, go for these giant, my eye
versus your eye, marching giants,
elf portrait, do me a fish, which
way’s which, laughing salt, saint
atic, the duchamp code, when is an
addnpass not an addnpass,
garibaldi the what, we idolize
nothing, reflections in the honey-
comb, know your fish, pinole camera,
the whole thing shines, what sort of
art exactly, say hello to infinity,
a plain old baggie, is this your
handiwork, the artistamp biz,
neverscratch, no mention of ray,
chop you chop me, a printer so
fine, okay now as for today, bring
the list forward, nobody to
even answer the phone, to died,
east of butter, cup nothing,
something salty, disturbing
images, sunday-go-to-meetin’
haircut, gold colon ate, when is
a mark not a mark, red delta,
lorazepan, foco theory, hangnail
clap and the economic, social
inscriptions, beershit, hombresito,
two addresses behind me,

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